Saved by the Dogs


My name is Caridad Bauta and my husband's is Benjamin Turro.  We live in Baracoa.  When I was born I was able to hear.  When I was 2 years old, I was living with my Grandma.  I was outside playing, and I fell down a deep hole and nobody knew I was there.  A few dogs happened to find me in the hole and started barking.  That got the attention of some people and I was rescued.

Soon after that, I lost my hearing.  We are not sure if it had something to do with the fall into the hole or what was in it that damaged my hearing.  I attended school and did learn how to read and write, something my husband is not able to do.

My family situation was not good at all as my Dad was an alcoholic and my Mom was an idolater.  He mistreated my Mom and tried to rape me.  My Mom divorced him and we moved out while my Dad stayed with my half brother who was disabled.  My Dad mistreated my half brother, denied him food, and was physically abusive to the point where he suffered from severe bruising.  My half-brother's mother could not do anything and escaped the home.  When that brother was 20 years old, my Dad gave his son a lot of alcohol and killed him by hanging.  After this disturbing situation, I looked for God.  An interpreter from the church with a deaf ministry was able to help me and shared about Jesus and I accepted Him seven years ago. 

Because my Mom was an idolater, she did not allow me to go to church.  I went anyways without her knowledge and was able to learn and grow in my faith.  It helped me deal with the problems from my family.  I met Benjamin soon afterwards and we got married.  Benjamin is a Christian and learned about Jesus from the interpreter through the deaf ministry as well.  We both got baptized in 2010 and now have an active life at church.

My desire for the future is to serve Jesus. I continue to need a lot of prayer and help especially after the Hurricane, which like many homes in Baracoa, our roof was completely blown away and everything inside got damaged from the heavy rains.  We were able to have our roof fixed, but we are struggling to pay for it because my husband's income is not enough, as we are also supporting my father-in-law, who is blind.

Mike Ver Velde