Missionary Support

Ayler is the only Spanish-English Translator who is also well on her way to becoming an American Sign Language interpreter in Cuba that we know of.  Without her, Deaf 2 Sordos would not be possible.  As the in-country D2S coordinator, she takes care of all the logistical details related to D2S ministry travel in Cuba, contacts with Church Pastors and their deaf ministry leaders, arranges meetings and coordinates the ministry activities for when Mike and other members of the D2S team travel to Cuba quarterly to work with the Deaf.

When Mike is in country, she also serves as his Interpreter as we work and interact with Pastors, deaf ministry leaders, Cuban Interpreters, the Deaf / Hard of Hearing and their families.  She also interprets for the church services (from Spanish, convert it to English in her head, then out in American Sign Language) so Mike is able to be part of their wonderful Cuban style service.   We are blessed to have her on board D2S!

In between Mike's trips to Cuba, she is involved with the Church's deaf ministry activities, working with the ministry leaders to identify other areas where D2S might be of assistance, helps facilitate the provision of ministry related materials and resources that D2S provides that helps these deaf ministries within these churches empower, encourage and teach the Cuban Deaf to further grow and serve out their faith.