Deaf Ministry Resources

D2S will work closely with the leaders of the deaf ministries to help them obtain and develop needed resources to better teach the Deaf in ways that make sense to them.  Our approach in providing resources is to apply the chinese proverb of teaching them how to fish.  In socialist Cuba, people are used to be given a fish, metaphorically.   We want the Cuban deaf to own their faith, their ministry and take an active role in their growth, so we will help them understand and find ways to make it possible to partially or fully fund their ministry activities as appropriate.  This approach to teach them to fish instead of giving them a fish is endorsed by the Cuban Pastors involved as they are trying to teach their people the same.  This is a perfect example of how D2S is working with the Cuban Church to strengthen what they are already doing.

At this time, we are looking at spending approximately $200 per trip to give us the flexibility to provide resources that will advance the growth of the Cuban Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Christ.  There might be some ministry resources that will cost more than others.  Those are the times we might put out a request to fund a certain project.