How can I help?

By giving a set donation amount- one time, monthly or yearly of either $25, $50, $100, $500, even $1,000... you help ensure that the D2S ministry runs smoothly and we are able to continue to make a difference throughout the year.

As Ami and I are personally contributing 50% of the D2S yearly budget, and our Church providing a certain amount in missionary support. Only Ayler is receiving a salary as a missionary. The 2019 D2S budget is set for $6,780 with 3 trips planned.

You can donate via Check, Credit or Debit. (Click on the Donate button below)  If at any time you wish to discontinue your monthly sponsorship, you are under no obligation to continue.  Below, are the 3 areas of funding that your financial support will cover.

Asking for financial support is not one of my favorite things to do.  But as God clearly called us to serve in Cuba,  He does call on our brothers and sisters in Christ to prayerfully provide the necessary support.  Will you answer that call?

Your help with these sponsorships makes it possible for us to honor God's calling in our lives to serve the Cuban Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  Please pray about being a blessing for them by becoming a regular sponsor and support the work we do.  Don't forget, we also need your prayers!


D2S Cuba Missionary

Ayler is the in-country D2S coordinator, Spanish-English translator, and Mike's American Sign Language translator. You can read her story here.  $65 per mo. / $780 a year covers her monthly salary & ministry expenses.


Travel Expenses

This is all the stuff behind the scenes that makes it even possible for this ministry to happen and for us to answer the call to be present in Cuba and serve.  This includes travel, visa processing, private taxi, Casa Particulars (Rent houses), and meals.   Budgeting travel at $1800 per trip (x3) takes us to $450 per mo. / $5400 a year.


Deaf Ministry Resources

Through the year, we will identify several resources that are appropriate for D2S to financially take care of because of the extremely limited means available to the Cuban Churches and people.  These are things you might see supplied for Sunday School or Youth Ministry groups.  We are looking at $50 per mo. / $600 a year.